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Why Buy Contact Lenses from an Optometrist

woman putting on contact lensWe have all seen the ads promising ‘low prices’, the convenience of ‘shipping to your door’ from companies out there trying to sell low cost contact lenses.

Well here are a few reasons to buy your contacts from your caring optometrist at Round Rock Vision Family Eye Center.

1) We have an open box policy!
We all change, and so does our eye site. If you order from an online seller and your prescription changes, you could be stuck with your entire box of unused contact lenses.

If you order from Rock Vision Family Eye Center, and your prescription changes, we will exchange the unused lenses from you.

2) The Power of the Rebate!

Many online contact lens retailers tout low prices and great deals that they say you are unable to get if you order from your optometrist. The truth is that, while the top-line price on some online sites may appear to save you money, the bottom-line often costs you more money than if you had ordered from your eye doctor’s office. This is because many eye doctors will redeem special rebates for their patients, allowing your doctor to cut costs for you at the bottom-line. Online services are often unaware of these rebates or require you to redeem them on your own in order to save money on your contact lenses.

3) The Personal Touch
Doctor Keith Dennis takes the time to get to know his patients and cares about their visual health. Contact lenses can result in things such as eye infections. Having an actual relationship with your eye doctor will save you pain, expense, and possible long term damage to your vision.

4) Larger Selection
Round Rock Vision offers a wide selection of contact lenses that meets or beats any selection found on contact lens websites, and offer a 100% refund on the cost of the contact lens eye exam if you develop difficulties such as an eye infection from your contact lenses.
For more information, and to experience our superior contact lens expertise.

If you wear contact lenses or are thinking of trying contact lenses and you live in Round Rock area, contact us today.