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Can’t I get my contact lenses cheaper online?

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Everyone has seen those online bargain contact lens ads. Buy now! Low Price! Free shipping! Purchase your contact lenses from online services instead of dealing with the hassle and expense of going to your eye doctor.

I can see where it would seem like going to an optometric professional would be more expensive than logging on to a random website that sells contact lenses, but the truth is, it is not.

The first thing you should know is that the contact lenses purchased from your eye doctor are not more expensive than the same brands found on discount contact lens sites. That is right, the cost of the contact lenses are exactly the same. What you pay a little more for are properly fitted contact lenses that are adjusted to correct YOUR particular eyesight issue.

Dr. Keith Dennis at Round Rock Family Vision in Round Rock, TX, is a medical doctor and an eye care professional. It makes sense to consult someone who is trained in and has spent years of their life studying everything to do with the human eye before you put something in your eye!

Dr. Dennis takes your eyesight very seriously. He will not just simply sell you contact lenses, he will fit you for contact lenses.

Contact lenses are an amazing innovation but your eyesight is more fragile than you may think. The proper fit and prescription for your contact lenses is crucial and it goes without saying, should not be trusted to a random website on the internet.

If you have any questions about contact lenses or eyecare matters in particular, please feel free to give us a call.